A Hot Chick Strips off in Front of a Hidden Cam

Thursday, March 19. 2009

Hi there! How are you? No update for a while..I'm so sorry. I've been on a really long holiday. I will go back in a week and I promise I will be updating this hidden cams blog more often. For today I have some pics of a hot chick stripping off in her bedroom but was taken photos by hidden cams. Hope you like the pics :)

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Hot Threesome Sex on Hidden Cams

Monday, December 1. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? I'm so sorry about no update for a while..I was on a vacation and no internet access. I went to Thailand and just got back not long ago..just one day before the protesters closed the airport...lol lucky me. Well at least I'm back now and will update the site more often...

These two guys like to pick up some girls or hookers..bring them back to their place having a hot threesome sex and they use hidden cams to film their hot sex session...They've got one girl today!

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Voyeur - Hot Girl with Her Toy

Tuesday, September 16. 2008

Hi guys! How is it going? I've got some pics for today....not really from hidden cams...It is more of a voyeur type. It's too fake to be the shot from hidden cams. However staged or not, the chick is hot! I quite like to see her playing with that little toy... She actually needs my cock more that that thing!

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Real Hidden College Pussy 3 - Hidden Cams

Friday, August 8. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? Got a clip from the real dorm for today..College girls are hot and they always get naked in their bedrooms or shared bathrooms...and the one that usually use hidden cams to film them are actually their roommate or fellow students! Why do they do that? First its fun to do so and second students are poor and one of the best ways to make money is selling these clips!!

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A Girl Getting Changed - Hidden Cams

Sunday, July 13. 2008

Hi there! How are you?..It's a cold Sunday night here...........I'm not fond of Monday :P Anyway got some pic of this chick getting changed and her nextdoor uses hidden cams to film it...Enjoy the pics and I will come back with more hidden cams shots soon!

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Girl Caught Masturbating on Hidden Camera

Saturday, June 28. 2008

Hi there! How is it going? I've got some good stuff for you today... This is a girl caught masturbating on hidden cams. This time it is not a boyfriend that secretly films her but it is her roommate at the dorm! Poor girl being on hidden cams but it is good for us :D I wouldn't like to have a roommate like this myself but its good to have roommate like this in girls dorms! :D Thanks!

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First Post with a Girl in a Spy Hidden Camera

Tuesday, June 17. 2008

Hello there! How are you doing? I officially welcome you guys to Dorm Hidden Cams, the real girls hidden cameras and voyeur blog. Please bookmark our blog as I will be updating often. I'm going to start this first post with this little hot chick being watched with a hidden camera in her bedroom. She absolutely have no idea her boyfriend hid the camera there and get her pics online! I would be really pissed!

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